Technology has dramatically not only transformed the human thinking and habitat, but also caused a great impact on traditional education. Due to the flourishment of computer information technology and internet, the teaching and learning process work towards the distance education, all these challenge to the traditional classroom teaching mode which is limits of time and space. Current university faces many challenges of transformative development. How the university copes with the changing environment and works towards a university with innovation and creativity is essential, that is why we think the transformation of university library and the establishment of digitalized campus is important.

      With the support of the Nanhua University, and the grant of Teaching Excellence Project, e-college provides with latest digital technology and facilities to advance the quality of education for the faculty and students. It endures an essential role to shape Nanhua towards a university with innovation and creativity. E-college is in charge by CTLD, and currently located at the fourth floor of the university library.

            E-college integrates with digital learning and technological equipment, including 3D creative center, MOOCs and flipped classroom, TEDx green room, digital photography classroom and AV video editing center. These classrooms are fitted  with advanced photograph and digital recording facilities for e-portfolio or application of diverse courses and programs. In addition, the flipped classroom is equipped with colorful and variety of teaching aids, as well as digital video for the application of PBL. E-college provides students with the most innovative facilities to create engaging environments and to advance the quality of education for the faculty and students.


    Dr. Lin Tsong-Ming

    President of Nanhua University
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