About Us



CLTD Mission

The Center for Teaching and Learning Development (CTLD), seeks to address the priorities to serve faculty and students, and to promote pedagogical innovation. In addition to video consultations and work on classroom dynamics, the CTLD focuses on course design, creative assignments and the uses of multi-media in the classroom. Our mission is to create engaging environments and provide leadership and support for meaningful educational experiences. CTLD strives to make Nanhua University a role model of Higher Education in Taiwan by enhancing the quality of our services, training and advice.

Our Facilities

With the support of the Nanhua University, and the grant of Teaching Excellence Project, CTLD provides students with facilities to create engaging environments and to build a community of self-motivated learners.

Our Activities

To advance the quality of education at Nanhua University, CLTD provides Faculty and TA with resources, programs and support that promote excellence in teaching. We offers workshops and seminars, advice on the innovative use of technology and media in the classroom, changes in teaching brought on by the internet and social networking.


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